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I am working on a new website, aiming to provide most current information and presentation of my work and skills, updated to latest technology and devices. Meanwhile, you can check the stuff at my old site.

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Internet & Web development

Inspired by computer technology and its potential for creative use in art, music and networking, dominator was among the first pioneers of digital communication in Serbia and beyond. Starting with first 2400bps modems, he was involved in creating and maintaining one of the first BBS systems even before Internet came along. And when it did, it was only logical to proceed there, already knowing what it means to be connected globally, which he did through usenet, uucp, fidonet and other similar systems. TCP/IP has openned doors to much faster and constantly connected world where he always wanted to live and contribute. It was also a logical space to meet other creative people and groups, to learn and share knowledge beyond borders of physical space, now in a matter of seconds rather than days. He is there for more than 20 years now, seeing and making things many still don't believe are possible ;)

Latest project

I've just finished work on latest iterration of emote website, converted it to fully responsive html5 design for cross browser and mobile devices support. We also dropped flash video player in favor of html5 video. This site also uses my cms system called ksys and custom backend tools which provide automated conversion of video files, making them fully html5 compliant. more work is under way to improve visual design (originally not made by me) to make it even more mobile & touchscreen friendly.

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Selected projects

I am working on a list of the most representative projects i've done so far, since my involvement in the computer programming and communications in early 1990's. It is not an easy task, as i was involved in so many events and contributed to many many projects, however there is at least some (incomplete) list compiled so far. Until this is transferred to a new site, you can check it out on my old website.

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Hosting solutions

During decades of computer and network development, we have learned our ways and run our own internet servers support which is for some time also available for commercial deployment, mainly to our clients but also to other clients who want to benefit from our low cost, fully customized and highly secure service. Our server index page at kosmoplovci.org provides information on current users and links to their sites.

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Art & Multimedia

I have been quite active in exploring multimedia possibilites of computer technologies (also known as Digital Art) since the early days of home computing, starting with ZX Spectrum back in 1983 and making first major contributions during Amiga times in late 1980's and during 1990's. I was (and still am) one of the pioneers of electronic arts in Serbia, always exploring new possibilities of realtime and interactive digital art. My original artwork covers wide range of media forms including Electronic music, Experimental video, Net.art, Games, Interactive multimedia, Motion design and generally everything possible to make on computers in any form, both already known and yet to be discovered.


One of the first interest in computer media capabilities certainly came through music. Starting out on Amiga 500 in early 1990's, i explored and used all kinds of software, starting with trackers and first soft synths all the way to complex audio production suites and modular synthesis system in use today. Nowadays i prefer using Buzz modular synth, a freeware project made in the demoscene for the demoscene.

Here are links to some projects where my music can be found.

floating joint kosmoplovci music label
speaker for the dead my alter ego
kdes our live performance project
kosmoplovci transmissions radio broadcasts
soundcloud personal profile
sonicsquirrel kosmoplovci archive
last.fm floating joint archive
mixcloud some mixes
bandcamp kosmoplovci profile
enoughrecords electronic music label
codexdnb dnb music label
torrentech electronic music label
teskoba techno music label
hiheadz jungle music label

More information can be found on my Personal space.

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Another major interest in computer generated multimedia came in a form of realtime demos, 3d animation and other forms of motion graphics and video. Learning many different skills and software, his work includes programming, directing, designing, 2d and 3d animation, interactive presentations and loads of web projects.

Some work has been made for 3rd parties, mostly in the form of offline cd/dvd multimedia presentations and projects, but most of it has been made for different friendly efforts, as a way to support the local scene.

Much of my work is integrated, contributed, published and archived on various other projects websites and social networks. Here are some to start.

kosmoplovci.net kosmoplovci main portal
kosmoplovci.com kosmoplovci video portal
studiostrip kosmoplovci graphics portal
pouet.net demoscene portal
youtube official kosmoplovci channel
capped.tv demoscene videos
demoscene.tv demoscene videos
corrosion my previous group

More information can be found on my Personal space.

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My work

Being one of the pioneers and early adopters of computers and networking, dominator has initiated and been involved in numerous innovative projects, both independent and commercial since the early 1990's. His skills in programming, system administration and general computer knowledge has led him to many fruitfull collaborations with various groups, institutions, companies and individuals, with whom, working alone or in a team, he has created countless websites, interactive presentations and applications, using the most efficient technology at any given time to provide fast, intuitive and functional presentations, being it webpage for visitors, system administration for owners, multimedia presentation, video or audio production and postproduction, 3d and 2d animation, books and magazines, or virtually anything else that would be best form of presentation for particular project.

Being involved in the early development of serbian digital art scene, dominator has been one of its founders but also developers, involved in many new projects that emerged at a time, but also getting involved in creating and developing websites and multimedia projects for independent artists and cultural institutions. By having a chance to keep his work in creative sector, he tried to push development of serbian computer scene in general, by providing quality and modern solutions which are produced to a highest standards. Unfortunatelly, not all clients were interested in inovation, so some of the work suffers from lack of seriousness, mostly on visual side.

Over the years, dominator became responsible for development of some of the most known and wide used websites in belgrade and serbia, each developed and customized to the specific needs of its user/client. He is also in permanent engagement for some of the clients, providing a platform for continuous state of research and development. Resources for both internal and external projects are provided by kosmoplovci.org, our constantly growing server backbone which provides space and support for many current and archived websites. dominator takes takes care of its full administration, maintenance and management.


it is not an unknown fact that one of dominator first love, beside computers, is music. since the early 90ties, dominator has created music along with the development of very first computer music programs, starting with trackers on Amiga 500 and later continued exploration on various platforms and software. in past years mostly uses buzz - free modular synthesis system developed and supported by demoscene community, but still explores and uses innovative software, especially on linux platform.

recently, dominator has been a bit short on releasing music, however new music and ideas have been accumulated and are slowly getting out in the world. also, there is a whole new bunch of world domination plans going on, new labels are opening, old ones reviving, new coalitions formed and forces refreshed, so i've decided to put here not only my recently released stuff, but also bits and pieces from my recent experimenations, placed in a separate players for easier access.

of course, my other creative activites are far from being stopped or confined to music only. i have worked on many videos, designs and coding endevours, my favourite platform always been realtime demoscene, which allows for perfect convergence of different digital forms an talents, all in compact sizes native to computers, sometimes as little as 4kb. however, those are to be found elsewhere, mostly on kosmoplovci.net and corrosion website but also on other places on the internet.

some of unreleased stuff and work in progress is available on separate section of this site called Personal space.

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Direct contact

feel free to email me directly for whatever reason concerning both my past, present and future work. this is my preffered way of communication, as i pay high respect to personal privacy and confidentiality. you can also use my PGP key to encrypt emails for maximum security.

my secure email adress is dominator@kosmoplovci.net.

alternatively you can also write to kosmoplovci@gmail.com.

Social networks

you can also contact me through some of these social network profiles.