Personal space.

This is a place where you can find information and resources covering my personal work and art.
That is - work i do for my personal joy and experimentation, pure expression of my inner thoughts and ideas with no particular goal other than invention and fulfillment.

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My music

it is not an unknown fact that one of dominator first love, beside computers, is music. since the early 90ties, dominator has created music along with the development of very first computer music programs, starting with trackers on Amiga 500 and later continued exploration on various platforms and software. in past years mostly uses buzz - free modular synthesis system developed and supported by demoscene community, but still explores and uses innovative software, especially on linux platform.

recently, dominator has been a bit short on releasing music, however new music and ideas have been accumulated and are slowly getting out in the world. also, there is a whole new bunch of world domination plans going on, new labels are opening, old ones reviving, new coalitions formed and forces refreshed, so i've decided to put here not only my recently released stuff, but also bits and pieces from my recent experimenations, placed in a separate players for easier access.

my music on soundcloud

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recently released (since 2009)

random bits and pieces

some of the old stuff (for the fans <3 )

My visions

of course, my other creative activites are far from being stopped or confined to music only. i have worked on many videos, designs and coding endevours, my favourite platform always been realtime demoscene, which allows for perfect convergence of different digital forms an talents, all in compact sizes native to computers, sometimes as little as 4kb. however, those are to be found elsewhere, mostly on and corrosion website but also on other places on the internet.

kosmoplovci demos & videos

corrosion demos & videos

bullshit artists / corrosion demos

oktobarfest by kosmoplovci

some of my favourite demos from other groups

Links to other places

Much of my work is integrated, contributed, published and archived on various other projects websites and social networks. Here are some to start. kosmoplovci main portal kosmoplovci video portal
studiostrip kosmoplovci graphics portal
floating joint kosmoplovci music label
corrosion my previous group active during 1990's
youtube official kosmoplovci channel demoscene portal / archive
soundcloud personal profile
mixcloud personal profile
codexdnb dnb producers
teskoba techno music label
torrentech electronic music label
hiheadz jungle music label

Direct contact

feel free to email me directly for whatever reason concerning both my past, present and future work. this is my preffered way of communication, as i pay high respect to personal privacy and confidentiality. you can also use my PGP key to encrypt emails for maximum security.

my secure email adress is

alternatively you can also write to

Social networks

you can also contact me through some of my social network profiles.