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being one of the pioneers and early adopters of computers and networking, dominator has initiated and been involved in numerous innovative projects, both independent and commercial since the early 1990's. his skills in programming, system administration and general computer knowledge has led him to many fruitfull collaborations with various groups, institutions, companies and individuals, with whom, working alone or in a team, he has created countless websites, interactive presentations and applications, using the most efficient technology at any given time to provide fast, intuitive and functional presentations, being it webpage for visitors, system administration for owners, multimedia presentation, video or audio production and postproduction, 3d and 2d animation, books and magazines, or virtually anything else that would be best form of presentation for particular project.

being involved in the early development of serbian digital art scene, dominator has been one of its founders but also developers, involved in many new projects that emerged at a time, but also getting involved in creating and developing websites and multimedia projects for independent artists and cultural institutions. by having a chance to keep his work in creative sector, he tried to push development of serbian computer scene in general, by providing quality and modern solutions which are produced to a highest standards. unfortunatelly, not all clients were interested in inovation, so some of the work suffers from it, mostly on visual side.

web development (1997+)

over the years, dominator became responsible for development of some of the most known and wide used websites in belgrade and serbia, each developed and optimised to the specific needs of its user/client. he is also in permament engagement for some of the clients, providing a platform for continuous state of research and development. resources for both internal and external projects are provided by kosmoplovci network, our constantly growing core server entity which provides space and support for many websites. dominator takes takes care of its servers full administration, maintenance and management.

here are some of the web projects, in chronological order.
most of them are still accessible online and active, others are archived on their latest version.


corrosion / (1997-2002)
our first internet domain was created for our independent group called CoRRoSioN running through the 1990s, promoting original computer generated artwork created by our members. contains many microsites and downloads for various works done during this period, with portal-like site integrating and linking in all together. this is a snapshot of latest portal version, last updated and archived in 2001.

2001-2004 v1 (2001-2003)
a first version of kosmoplovci portal, another independent creative group project which succeeded corrosion, involving some of its members and expanding it with 'analogue' artists, including illustrators from graphic novel / comics scene and low-fi video producers. since its creation, kosmoplovci have produced and released numerous audiovisual works and organized many public events, bringing digital and analogue worlds closer to collaboration, experimenting with form ranging from image galleries to complex realtime computer animations. v2 (2003-2004)
a second version of portal, one of our favourites. introducing scalable design, early attempts at so called 'responsive' design, using only html and css. also, lots of custom graphics and designs from kosmoplovci members.

2004-2008 v3 (2004-2005)
a third version of portal, following up on groups evolution. also, a first dynamic database driven version, coded in php/mysql, including first incarnation of our cms system, now known as ksys, constantly developed and updated, used to create and many other websites. (2004-2008) now offline, archived here
a website made for belgrade's student cultural center. at the time of its creation, and many years on, this was one of the first and most known dynamic websites in serbia. it was continually developed and evolved during 4 years span, supporting many backend and frontend technologies at a time, including one of the first serbian internet radio. this is the latest snapshot of it. (2004-2012) now offline, archived here
a website made for serbian/montenegrin pop musician Rambo Amadeus and his band. being a close member of his team for many years, dominator created numerous tools, interactive applications and multimedia productions that helped him to develop closer contacts with his fans, building community spirit and generally support his various activities, often incorporating many of his talents, not only music. site content was produced in close cooperation with artist himself and his band members, having countless changes over this 8 year long time period. (2004) now offline, archived here v4 (2005-2006) (2005) now offline, archived here (2006) now offline, archived here v5 (2006-2009)

2008-2010 v1 (2008) now offline, archived here v1 (2008) v1 (2008) v1 (2008)

kc grad (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) v6 (2009) (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) now offline, archived here (2009) now offline, archived here (2009)

2010-2013 v2010 (2010) (2010) (2010) v2 (2010)

uberlife (2010) (2010) now offline, archived here v2 (2011) (2012) (2012) now offline, archived here

viljuska puna ljubavi (2012) now offline, archived here (2013) (2013)

upcoming in 2014 (2014) v3 (2014)

it is not an unknown fact that one of dominator first love, beside computers, is music.
since the early 90ties, dominator has created music along with the development of very first computer music programs, starting with trackers on Amiga 500 and later continued exploration on various platforms and software. in past years mostly uses buzz - free modular synthesis system developed and supported by demoscene community, but still explores and uses innovative software, especially on linux platform.

recently, dominator has been a bit short on releasing music, however new music and ideas have been accumulated and are slowly getting out in the world. also, there is a whole new bunch of world domination plans going on, new labels are opening, old ones reviving, new coalitions formed and forces refreshed, so i've decided to put here not only my recently released stuff, but also bits and pieces from my recent experimenations, placed in a separate players for easier access.

of course, my other creative activites are far from being stopped or confined to music only. i have worked on many videos, designs and coding endevours, my favourite platform always been realtime demoscene, which allows for perfect convergence of different digital forms an talents, all in compact sizes native to computers, sometimes as little as 4kb. however, those are to be found elsewhere, mostly on and corrosion website but also on other places on the internet, some of them listed on the bottom of the page.

most of the music here is my own creation,
others are done in cooperation with various friends from around the globe.
enjoy the work and don't hesitate to contact me about it or anything else i do.

recently released work

random bits and pieces
(stuff in the pipeline)

some of the old stuff
(for the fans <3 )

even more music on soundcloud

kosmoplovci demos & videos

corrosion demos & videos

video ep by kosmoplovci

oktobarfest webseries by kosmoplovci

bullshit artists / corrosion demos

some of my favourite demos from other groups

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