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Document 2000
Ever since the opening of its public space in February 2000, REMONT – independent artistic association has been gathering the documentation on artists in the course of its everyday work. Our ad hoc archive already includes a number of catalogues, books, portfolios and optical media – a valuable document on happenings on contemporary local and regional artistic scene. In collaboration with the Department of History of Modern Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, a number of students has been engaged in systematisation of this material. One of the results of this work is the online database, offering basic information on artists (biographies, list of exhibitions and previews of most significant works) active since 2000. Aim of the project is to make these information available to a wider circle of local and international professionals.

DOCUMENT 2000 is a database on Serbian modern artistic production since 2000, featuring artists that have been collaborating with REMONT - independent artistic association ( The web page contains brief portfolios of selected artists, while detailed info and portfolios of a larger number of artists are available on DVD’s in REMONT quarters. The database, which includes a search engine, is continuously updated.

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