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low frequency visor
compiled by Milos Kukuric of LOW-FI VIDEO PROJECT

on-air / on-line: 24th February 2002

LOW FREQUENCY VISOR is supposed to be an audio view to the world of Serbian low-fi filmmaking. Authors contributing to LOW-FI VIDEO project consider image and sound made on rudimentary analogue equipment as valuable as those created in new-tech digital environment. General point around which the authors are gathered (however different their individual approaches may be) is readiness to use any available resource in order to pass a basic film story or a desired atmosphere.

Filmmaking is always a tricky job when it comes to production. Situation in Yugoslavia is even more complicated due to various turbulences, which have been taking place for over 10 years. During this period general state interest for any kind of film business was equal to none, which led to serious deterioration of quality film schooling.

Therefore, many talented authors were forced to "re-invent" filmmaking and learn it from scratch. This goes for learning how to use both picture AND sound in articulating "The Idea".

Sound in LOW-FI VIDEO pictures sometimes serves as a substitute for visual impurity, in other cases it is meant to even emphasize it. Since many of the films were made for multimedia CD's or on-line purposes, both picture and sound are as rudimentary as possible in order to "survive" all the necessary downsampling. More and more authors are becoming aware of this necessity and most of them quickly learn how to put their ideas into this <new-tech>, but still a <low-resolution> environment.

Restrictiveness of new low-resolution (multi)media is quite compatible with restrictions setting the general low-fi attitude - any available resource is good enough if there is a valid story to be told. In an instance, all artistic work is but quantization/downsampling of artist's emotions/thoughts. From a LFV point of view, if an emotion/thought can be quantized/downsampled to the lowest acceptable level (may it be a VHS video or a low-band streaming format) and still remain comprehensive, then it is worth filming.

Eventually, is there a point in trying to describe something so self-descriptive as sound and vision? Low frequency visor is ON!

Milos Kukuric

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