tools section
here are some useful homepages and download links for various players and tools on amiga, pc and mac platform that are needed for full enjoyment of our digital releases. highlighted file format name represents our recommendation program for that particular format.

modplug [mod, dbm, xm, it]:    homepage
deliplayer [mod, soundstudio, dbm, mp3, xm, it]:    homepage
soundstudio/med winamp input plugin [soundstudio]:    homepage   dl
sonique [mp3, mod, xm, it]:    homepage
minimed soundstudio player [soundstudio]:    homepage   dl
winamp [mp3, mod, xm, it]:    homepage
delitracker2 [it, dbm, xm, mod, mp3]:
      >>>   v2.27 full   v2.31 update   14bit genie   dbm support   mp3 support   all players+genies
amplifier [mp3]:    dl
mpega [mp3]:    homepage   cli version   mp3 library
accessibleplayer [soundstudio, it, xm, mod]:    dl

hippoplayer [soundstudio, mod, dbm, xm, mp3]:    dl

eagleplayer2 [mod, dbm, xm, mp3]:    homepage   dl   dbm support

amigaamp [mp3]:    homepage   dl
soundapp [mod, xm, it, mp3]:    homepage

update to pc players. new player added, deliplayer, and it is actually from the programmers of delitracker2 on amiga which is no longer developed [obviously]. it is really great multitype player supporting over 170 formats, including mp3, dbm, soundstudio, xm, it and exotic old players using 68k emulation system. it has the best mod playback so far, and just if creators work on better dbm support and implement playback of dsp echo in soundstudio player, it might even become our all-type recomended player for pc. dbm format is still tricky to play however, our releases are tested and work still better in modplug [pc] and delitracker2 [amiga] without dsp effects, and if you would like to hear the complete tune with dsp, then you have to use hippoplayer or full digiboosterpro on amiga...
i've discovered and tested a great soundstudio/med plugin for winamp [pc] which seems to be better than minimed player. do give it a try. the only drawback is that soundstudio music must be renamed to .med extension in order to make winamp recognise the file.

mac section is getting openned. only soundapp available for now, but it seems to be all-in-one module and media player. however, dbm and soundstudio still aren't playable on mac.
information has come to me that modplug is now capable of loading modules directly from lha archives! someone please report me if this really works [and how].
small change to dbm recommended player on amiga. tests have proven that hippoplayer handles dbm modules better than delitracker2 - it is capable of playing dsp effects.