hardcorrosion/ltk::  brain damage [25-Sep-2000]

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[octamed soundstudio module pack]]

so, it's october 2000, and we decide to release some of our older cd-r releases as module packs and mpeg files.

this archive contains the original module files of hardcorrosion [now known as lo-tek kings] release from 1996 - brain damage. these modules are the original source modules made in octamed soundstudio on amiga, so you might even use them for remixing and sample ripping. ;>>

exerpts from original info file follow...


BRAIN DAMAGE presents 14 tracks in at least 5 music styles. It begins with very dark ambience INTRO which announces 4 second generation hardcore tracks, going over 200 BPM! After them, the unfortunate listener is confronted with the experimental METALLIC BRAINWASH followed by the dark industrial AFTERLIFE. REPRESSIVE THOUGHTS easilly beats up the tempo and set it to trip-hop/breakbeat experience in next 4 tracks. Last two tracks are a bit of old-school breakbeat phused with industrial sounds, leaving the listener in need for more. Intentionally ;>>

However, this is just a try to explain in words a unique sound experience hARdCoRRoSioN offer, you simply have to hear it yourself to understand it right.

hARdCoRRoSioN: BRAIN DAMAGE track list:

  1. intro
  2. phuse
  3. lamer hunt
  4. fokin dead
  5. thcore
  6. metallic brainwash
  7. afterlife
  8. repressive thoughts
  9. brain system collapse
  10. wandering
  11. severe brain damage
  12. phuckinin darkness
  13. breakzone
  14. mighty dub players

tracks 13-14 composed by alex,
track 14 remixed by dominator.
all other tracks, post production, CD mastering and audio tape recording by dominator.

dl: crs_brd.lha [2,588,884 bytes]