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dominator:  the mix module pack [12-Jan-2000]
[THEMIX source 4channel module pack]

as more and more people got interested in getting THE MIX audio tape which was released back in 1995, we've decided to put out original source modules used for creating THE MIX.

and no, this doesn't mean that we stopped making 4channels, we're just releasing this on public demand and for the better prospects of 4channel tracking - seems like people forgot how it should be done!

this definetelly is not an 'old music' pack - on the contrary, try listening to some of the tunes - even i'm not sure when exactly they're made!

THEMIX is separated in two sections, each playing more than 45 minutes:

    SIDE A:
      /trance mix]
    • x-kidz
    • deep dig
    • day 3
    • arise
    • organic brainwash
    • let's go acid
    • zone
    • the glory
    • logic bomb
    • wipe out
    • time
    • slow
    SIDE B:
      /breakbeat mix]
    • spring agony
    • acid anthem
    • one
    • hardcore boulevard
    • post mortem dhcmix
    • sicktiredfuckedup!
    • good start
    • ace of spades
    • trapped into gabber
    • 1s2
    • boo rmx!
    • fuckin' pompeus
    • klang
    • emocional holokaust

all tracks completelly created by dominator in 1994 and 1995 except:
- 'post mortem dhcmix' which was originally made by phuzzy logik.
- 'ace of spades' which was composed together with paranoid.

THEMIX was made in 1995 by dominator using two a1200's and custom made 'medusa' audio mixer with special amplification plus few additional hardware addons provided by gyro.

mixtape master still exists, if anyone is interested for getting the copy, just drop us an email.

(c)&(p) CoRRoSioN 1992-2000.

more suprises follow.
be there.

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