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domin8r:  so far away [30-Oct-99]
[serene dbm/xm electronic journey]

after quite some time of rethinking, domin8r finally decides to release something of his electro sessions. there has been almost 2 years now of his exploration through electronic / experimental / ambient music and guess it's finally the moment to start releasing some of the stuff.

this track is made in digibooster on amiga, however, since digibooster [dbm] is not widely used digital music format and still having not so good support in music players, you will find xm conversion in the archive too. it's not the same, but similar enough to accompany the dbm. at this point, best amiga dbm players are hip [tested with 2.42] and delitracker2 [tested with delitracker2 2.27/2.31 with digiboosterpro player 1.14]. best [and only as far as i know] pc modplayer supporting dbm format is modplug. for best xm playing on amiga use delitracker2.

for guides on how to get the latest and best module players, you can always refer to tools section.

dl: crs_sfaw.lha[112,647 bytes]