atomic shelter tunes vol.1 cover
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corrosion:  atomic shelter tunes vol.1 [11-Apr-99]
  • the champions by asarhad [soundstudio]
  • 7h15' by paran0id [digibooster]
  • :22:22:22: by domin8r [soundstudio]

Once upon a time there were three champions. One day they went on a trip through a desert. Seven hours and fifteen minutes later, at 22:22:22, a piano fell on their heads.

This is their story.

for playing these fine tunes we recomend hippoplayer [on amiga, of course]. if you happen to be stuck with these tunes on ms wintel machine, get soundstudio player [105k] or download beta demo from digibooster track probably is playable with modplug.

and yeah, this is released from belgrade, the capital of yugoslavia. this is our home, this is our land motherfuckers are trying to steal.

don't believe the hype! the truth is out here.

dl: crs_ast1.lha[2,109,742 bytes]