domin8r:  acid-o-feel EP [27-May-98]

 ] glide
  ] deeper
   ] lamer hunt

ok, here are sum new trax from dominator, in sum new atmosphere, or not? anyway, 'glide' and 'deeper' are done in a row, so that's the main reason of their somehow alikeness. the pack is accompanied with one older track done in february'97 and never released before - 'lamer hunt'. after making that, i've done another 'lamer hunt' hardcore in soundstudio, played it on our concerts and released it on our second demo tape - 'brain damage' in spring'97. this 'lamer hunt' is acid thumper and has nothing to do with the hardcore version!

and btw: yalp organisers are so-damn-lame!

dl: crs_acdf.lha[387,274 bytes]