phuzzy logik:  the days after EP [20-Feb-98]

Hundreds of years ago, in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Great Warrior Shinmen Miyamoto Musashi entered a cavernous opening in the side of a great mountain, and bowed to the Great Godess Kannon. He took with himself only five rolls of rice paper, bottles of ink, and a pen, and by the light given unto him by the Heavens and the Great Godess Kannon, he sat out to put onto paper the wisdom he gathered during his existance upon this Earth. And thus were created the Five Circles.

And in those Five Circles of the Great Master Warrior Shinmen Miyamoto Musashi there stood a line, warning young warriors: "Thou must never become too attached to a woman!" And though I swore to follow the Heiho, the Path of the Five Circles, this is one command I have disobeyed, and thus, the imminent punishment came. Whether from the Great Godess Kannon, from the all-enveloping principle of Yin and Yang, or from the Spirit of the Great Master Warrior himself, I know not. But it came, as I looked up at the sky, and saw it through these blind eyes to be clear and beautiful, a bolt of lightning struck, sudden and unexpected.

"It's over." she said. And I was crushed, and I was miserable, and I wept in sorrow for seven days. And now I see the error of my ways, and now I swore never again to be ignorant of the wisdom of the Great Master Warrior.

After the seven days of sorrow passed, I looked up again, at the sky, and I saw it, the Great Vibe I though was lost in that moment of crushing heartache, it was back, and it was stronger than ever. And for the first time in seven days, I felt good, and for the first time in seven days I sat down by the tracker, and for the first time in seven days, I created The Groove. And by the bowels of our Great Master Warrior, it was Damn Good.

Thus I give you all this Groove to hear, and to enjoy, and to rejoice upon this Earth; for the days of sorrow are over, and it is time for party, and it is time to treat the vinkunas the way they are supposed to be treated, and it is time for me to stop bullshitting, and just mention the fact that I ripped most of the samples in these tunes from black sista guys (sweet mortimer tee and oh-gosh [orlingo sounded cooler, but hey, tiz your choice] ) so sorry and huge respekts to them for that, and for all the groovez they put out up till now; keep up the x-cellent work, brothaz!

Outtahere... word!

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