domin8r:  fake progress [19-Jan-98]

sick and tired of all that bullshit progress. oh yeah, sick fucks selling technology, killing progress while stockpilling their own money bath. "i don't think so, he is a true visionary". yeah sure, visionary my ass. just thinking how to steal mo' money from the stupid crowd. fuck them. they're killing the progress m8! you wont notice it until it's too late. and believe me bro, too late it is! the crowd never notice. stupid commercial consumers. 'use what you can' logic lead kills us. fak dat. no emotions there, just served particles. broken. unrepairable. use it, throw away, get new eq. the one most advertised of course. sux. sick fucks!

domin8r of the revamped CoRRoSioN posse in the MF1998!

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