domin8r:  burning out [28-Dec-97]

yeah... this is fuckin FIX.. module fix? well yeah, that's exactly what it is... when you maintain a chaotic amount of everything, it's easy to misplace and make a stupid error. major fix in 1st sample loop, which was desperatelly erased when i was so stupid to enter my signature directly in sample name, so soundstudio supposed he need to load that instrument, didn't find anything and ERASED loop data from sample props. fuck. sorry about that, please replace the previous release with this one.

the original text follows.

so there i was, wandering on the net, looking for decent sounding soundstudio now that amiga has it, and guess what, THERE IS _NO_ decent soundstudio multichannel over there! i guess everyone is making stupid xm's on idiotic trashcan and feeling happy...

well, fuck it. soundstudio rocks! check this out. and expect some more from da CoRRoSioN posse.

dl: crs_brnf.lha[317,067 bytes]