phuzzy logik:  the great spirit EP [27-Dec-97]

Times come, when the mind falls into darkness. But Times also come when it rises out of the dirt, and ascends towards the starry skies, following the paths of our ancestors.

This is a story. A true story, at that, and one about the decline into darkness, the moment of rise, and of the joyful dwelling among the creatures of Heaven. It's starts with the Spliffenheimer's desease, a wicked illness that gripped my mind and forbade me to wander the great hunting fields with my fellow warriors. But times came when we chased the Evil Spirits out of me, using magic herbs and plants, and this is the tale of the brief interlude called Snooza-da-breaka. Now, with my mind ready to wander the Great Fields along with the rest of the Children of Manitu, I recover, and know. I know one thing, and that is - WHO IS THE KING?

Fuck you if you didn't understand. If you did, then

"take a deep breath, hit it, then pass it to your left..."

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