dominator, kkptsai & nexus, YU:GO@ 1 party live at club INDUSTRIA, Belgrade

after enormous success in Novi Sad it was innevitable that another big party will soon take place. the place of event was again INDUSTRIA, but we agreed to that offer, under some conditions, so most things went ok. we didn't get payed as we should, but what the hell, it was far more fun than ever. the place was overcrowded, mostly thanks to VJ DUSAN KALICANIN and his radio and tv shows, and it was a wonderful night to show Belgrade something new.

the night was named YU:GO@ because DJ's were playing the goa stuff, which really had nothing to do with our act and set. after goa intro done by DJ SUN, KKPTSAI began their 30 minute set in very relaxed atmosphere of SlamTilt. we mangled with the crowd, jumped our asses off, and some minutes before their end, we were ready to begin our show we were preparing 2 weeks before concert.

in totally low-tech atmosphere, we began our show. we had 4 tv's in front of us that played 40 minute long CoRRoSioN video broadcast created intentionally to support our music act with the appropriate visuals. on the stage were DOMINATOR, ALEX and PARANOID. DOMINATOR and ALEX were responsible for music while PARANOID was the MC, using his great terror voice in the right place and the right time. the tracks played at the event were productions done by BRAIN SYSTEM BIOWARE and DOMINATOR. When our set was over the sweat from the poor little belgrade ravers still poured in rivers, but they didn't have a chance to rest, 'cause LORD FERDI THE DESPISER and NOISEMAKER played some groovy goa 'till dawn. Fortunatelly, the ravers survived, so, there will be more CoRRoSioN live-acts and parties...