dominator & kkptsai live at club INDUSTRIA, Belgrade

second concert happened one year later, at the same place. it was somewhat different than the first one, it's aim was to introduce all techno groups that were active at the moment. groups announced as participants were DIMENSION-X TEAM, KKPTSAI, INNVISION and WOLFGANG S. originally DOMINATOR should have been included in the program, but he was expelled because 'his music is too much hardcore'. at that time we became aware that our future has nothing to do with that club, mainly because the club owner was (is) an asshole.

anyway, KKPTSAI were VERY pissed and decided to spare 50% of their act-time to DOMINATOR. this way we all got our music played, and managed to piss-off the INDUSTRIA boss! so we did it, had a good hardcore time and we got 2 minutes cut off at the end of our set, just because we were 'TOO MUCH HARDCORE'. what reason is that ?!?!

dominator & kkptsai live at PETROVARADIN fortress, Novi Sad

next act, our third, took place beside the city of Novi Sad, on the Petrovaradin fortress, in the open. it was a rainy summer day in 1995, July 4th, to be precise. again we were part of multi dj's and live acts happening, but this time we appeared and played without any interruptions. this was the first party where DOMINATOR and KKPTSAI played together, and it actually worked fine, people from Novi Sad liked our stuff very much, so we played 10 minutes more on request. all in all, we succesfully played 1 hour and ten minutes of furious breakbeat/hardcore, like we always do ;> and we really fell in love with the Novi Sad audience, 'cause they really know what they like.

dominator, kkptsai & nexus live at CHILL OUT CYBERCLUB, Novi Sad

one more year passed until next act was bound to take place on August 24, 1996, again in Novi Sad. the place of event was the so called 'CHILL OUT CYBER CLUB'. this night was a really weird music combination of hardcore and goa. first dj, JOE, was putting some really neat hardcore tunes on the air, to be continued by a 2 hour goa set done by LORD FERDI THE DESPISER and NOISEMAKER, famous dj duo from Indjija. after their set, DOMINATOR and KKPTSAI were once again ready to kick ass. after some relativelly slow intro tracks, beat and tension rapidly rised and kept the crowd up and jumping more than an hour. it was 1 and a half hour rapid hardcore set, and the crowd liked it very much! once again we fell in love with Novi Sad and its people.

LOGIC BOMB parties 1-3 nexus hardcore party series in Indjija

final quarter of 1995 was the time of some very nice hardcore parties, mostly thanks to LORD FERDI THE DESPISER and NOISEMAKER. they hosted 3 LOGIC BOMB parties in a small night club in Indjija called STUDIO. it wasn't far from Belgrade, so we attended all of them and surelly had a wonderful time. their set was always beginning with some acid & cyber-trance stuff we surelly liked, and then somewhere about 01:00, it suddenly warped into hardcore/gabber we completelly adored and jumped our asses off! they didn't stop the hardcore until all the present people died on the dancefloor. then time came for a nice ambient chill-out, handshakes with the DJ team and slowly catching up with the train to Belgrade. these parties were really some of the nicest public attendings we've ever had.

kkptsai & nexus at SOUL FOOD caffe, Belgrade

between second and third LOGIC BOMB party, KKPTSAI organised a party event that took place in the ex-SOUL FOOD club. LORD FERDI and NOISEMAKER were once again responsible for the great music and atmosphere. since the SOUL FOOD organisers warned them not to play hardcore, they made a furious acid set which really had all the hardcore inside, but noone could really prove that they played hardcore. so we all had wonderful time once again with them and with KKPTSAI playing some wicked hindu jungle stuff after them. winter party season ended up on January 2nd with THE NEW CHAPTER hardcore party held in the night club CONTRAST in Novi Sad. we haven't been there, but people say it was very hard and the club was full all night long, we believe them because we know that LORD FERDI and NOISEMAKER were once again the masters of disaster.