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originally intended for some beatiful demo, but still waiting for its performance, i now release it free for everyone to enjoy, to get inspired and infected. it was made in 1999 on amiga in digibooster 2.21, was 536 KB large, and played in 22 stereo channels simultaneously lossless from dbm file. kalm 2010 version is rerendered from original digibooster module and quick mastered for updating listening pleasure in current and coming days. in 320kbps mp3 it is 17.6 MB large, plays in 1 stereo channel official download locations >>

its there for all of you, but especially tributed to my friend andra, who was around when i've done this piece, colaborated and inspired both of us to do this and many other magnificent deeds. he is now long gone from our realm, one of the victims of ruthless realities, but he stays in our mind, in his work and his influence he made on us, never to be forgotten. the tune was partially inspired by md's music, especially his music from te-2rb, moral hard candy and kkowboy demos, and his another track called b. to him i tribute this as well, his music have been a great inspirations to us. if you feel you can help with the master even more, feel free to contact. otherwise, enjoy it as it is, and share the love. speaker for the dead 16.10.2010