dominator: the mix

the mix cover

DOMINATOR: THE MIX is the first CoRRoSioN audio release. it was available on audio tape only and it contained 90 minutes of music separated in 2 mixes: acid/experimental/trance mix [side a] and hardcore/breakbeat mix [side b]. each mix contained 45 minutes of dominator's music mixed live with 2 computers and our home-made "MEDUSA" audio mixer powered up with few gadgets made by our electric wizards which allowed him to make a decent sound output from plain amiga computers he used at that time.

THE MIX is made out of 26 digital modules made by dominator during 1994 and 1995 and mixed some time at fall 1995. the reason why dominator decided to make this at all was to test how people react to computer music when they listen it from the ordinary tape, and compare that to the prejudice of listening to 'computer' music. the experiment was very succesful and proved that people do have that prejudice, so we decided to create some amount of tapes see what will happen. at the end we actually sold them all out. the tape has color cover, one of our very early 'design' attempts ;)

THE MIX is now downloadable as free digital module pack featuring additional 10 minutes of the music parts not used in the mix. only 3mb large module release #52 contains 26 4channel digital modules playing over 100 minutes of music...
we still have the master tape, so if anyone would like to get the 'analogue' version of THE MIX, contact dominator.

download CRS00052: THEMIX module pack: crs_tmix.lha (3,223,702 bytes)
DOMINATOR - THE MIX track list:

(acid/experimental/trance mix)

deep dig
day 3
organic brainwash
let's go acid
the glory
logic bomb
wipe out

(hardcore/breakbeat mix)

spring agony
acid anthem
hardcore boulevard
post mortem dhcmix *
good start
ace of spades +
trapped into gabber
boo rmx!
fuckin' pompeus
emocional holokaust

* original by phuzzy logik, remixed by dominator
+ made together with paranoid
all other tracks created by dominator in 1994 and 1995.
& CoRRoSioN 1995-96.