[]  []
[][]   kosmoplovci infovirus 004/5
[]  []   13-jul-5oo2 - 19-dec-5oo2


    some time ago, better to say some years ago, a musician
    known  as  black  lung  created an album whose profound
    thought simply yet truly defines the primary illness to
    our age - the disinformation plague.

    that is about the main reason why this infovirus exists
    -  to  spread  information  and discoveries emerging in
    time  continuum.   to  reach  for  and interconnect the
    nodes  of creation and innovation.  to decypher meaning
    of the ancient riddles.  to rebuild the missing link of
    art,  science  and  invention.   to map the information
    left  for us by our predecesors, just like we are doing
    it now...

    getting the clear picture is not an easy task.
    it takes a superhuman effort to remove the blur...

    being able to concieve it is even harder.
    discovering reality might not be a nice sight...

    kosmoplovci offer you a chance to be the first to know.
    decision is yours.


 >> http://halcyon.scene.org


    dom omladine [youth center], belgrade

    electric  striper, also known as striper eleven, is out
    on internet now, and physical version will be presented
    to   public   first   time  on  january  15th  Eoo3  on
    celebration  party presentation in the form of hardcore
    party  where  kooi  and  bgyss  will  present other new
    scientific and technical achievements as well.
    >> http://www.kosmoplovci.net
    >> http://www.belgradeyard.co.yu

    finally   achieved  ideal  of  comic  magazine  without
    comics,  towards  which  striper  aims  from  the  very
    beginnings and first issue.

    selected authors from last ten issues, more than thirty
    works  and  less than thousand.  and all that on barely
    193mb 3inch cdrom.

    interdisciplinary,  psykoactive,  megamedia  product in
    whose   development   participated  some  of  the  most
    established members, as well as the others.

    pictures, illustrations, sounds, films, demos,
    animations, games, movements and statics.

    net version already at http://striper.kosmoplovci.net

    cdrom version copublishers:
    beopolis >> http://www.beopolis.co.yu
    belgrade youth center >> http://www.dob.co.yu

    second electric issue is already in the pipes.

    send electric power in all agregate states to
    striper@eunet.yu or studiostrip@hotpop.com.

    deadline end of next year's first quartal.

    dom omladine [youth center], belgrade

    septic,  the  graphic terrorist from prozivka, subotica
    will  exhibit  his  ancient  as well as the present and
    future work to belgrade public in '19 steps' gallery of
    belgrade youth center [dom omladine] for the first time
    in 33 years of his human existance.

    'sequences  of estetic horror' include his short comics
    and  illustrations,  which  will  be presented together
    with artwork of his mates from doomsday graphics.

    you will have to come on your own.

    and you can stay at electric striper party as well.


    o6-sep-5oo2 - o6-oct-5oo2
    serbian national library, belgrade

    the first setting of kosmoplovci's 'kosmos museum' made
    it's  premiere  on  o6-sep-5oo2,  in  serbian  national
    library in belgrade.

    the  multisensual opening event featured exclusive kdes
    performance  in  open space in front of the library, as
    well  as  kosmoplovci's  video  projection setup behind
    kdes  crew.   2kw  soundsystem transmited 45 minutes of
    specially  designed live elektronik kdes performance in
    front   of   what   probably  is  the  most  innovative
    exhibition that happened in belgrade for ages.
    >> http://kdes.kosmoplovci.net

    the  'side  effect'  of  this  exhibition is the 'put u
    kosmosu'  [voyage  in  kosmos]  catalogue  featuring 60
    pages  of exclusive graphic novels and experiments in a
    very bad - almost fanzine-like print.

    put  u  kosmosu  exhibition  presented the selection of
    work  by  complete kosmoplovci group, and the catalogue
    feature  additional guest apperarances

    there  are  very  few copies of catalogue left, but you
    may  still  try  to find it in beopolis bookstore or by
    contacting us at mailto:kosmoplovci@hotpop.com

 >> SFEF/SS6
    16-jul-5oo2 - 22-jul-5oo2
    barutana [powder house], belgrade

    the  four  days  long  sfef  festival gathered the most
    important members of serbian independent art community,
    which presented fresh creative projects and productions
    to  few  hundreds  visitors  who  came  despite the bad
    weather and cheap entrance fee.

    sfef  festival  was  made of four combined events which
    all had its programs and participants:

    film  program  was focused on new short films and video
    production.   43  new  films  and videos were presented
    during 3 days of projections, and the jury awarded best
    of  them  with  'electric circuit' rewards.  film event
    was organized by http://www.lowfivideo.com

    demoscene  sect had it's sixth scene strike event which
    was  continously happening during all days of festival.
    despite  extreme  moisture,  there were about 30 active
    participants  who  came from all over serbia with their
    computers  to  gather,  share,  create and rejoice.  of
    course   there   were   competitions   and  big  screen
    projections which brought in additional visitors, so we
    may say SS6 was very succesful and enjoyable event.

    complete  ss6  competition  results  and  downloads are
    available at:  http://www.crsn.com/ss6/

    music  program  had  it's peak with the appereance from
    'greshnici'   [sinners]   and   mirko   petrovic  which
    presented  their  unique  music.   it  was unforgetable
    thing  to  see  and  hear indeed.  the other three days
    featured   concerts  from  corrosion  musicians,  irfan
    muertes  and  various  dj  sets  from  dj dzambasov and

    graphic  workshop  had  few  participants, but came out
    with some significant results which will certainly used
    in some of kosmoplovci future projects.

    sfef   festival   catalogue,  created  by  kosmoplovci,
    features  information  on  films  and  a  selection  of
    serbian  graphic/comic  scene,  and  is still available
    from  beopolis  bookstore, or directly from kosmoplovci
    or  lowfivideo.
    >> mailto:kosmoplovci@hotpop.com
    >> mailto:lowfivideo@yahoo.com


 >> http://floatingjoint.kosmoplovci.net
    floating  joint  is  a  new kosmoplovci site which will
    support our music projects, releases and downloads.  it
    replaces  the  old  corrosion  music  site  in terms of
    upgraded  functionality and visual appearance, and is a
    result of work from many kosmoplovci members.

 >> http://opacic.kosmoplovci.net
    procesor  opacic,  beside getting a new handle, finally
    has  it's web central which will allow easier access to
    his work throughout the knet.

 >> http://dragojevic.kosmoplovci.net
    few  months  ago, kosmoplovci discovered the 91year old
    inventor  working in the field of experimental physics.
    meeting  and talking with him in his sefmade laboratory
    has  influenced us a lot, and reminded us once again of
    the  forgotten  knowledge  and  people  that reside all
    around  us,  but we just keep not noticing it.  majstor
    dragojevic  is considered the oldest and special member
    of  kosmoplovci,  and  this  site,  called  '3 za 100 u
    poseti  najstarijem kosmoplovcu' [three at the table in
    visit  to  the  oldest kosmoplovci member] represents a
    document of our visit, with 4 historical photos.

 >> http://havoc.kosmoplovci.net
    new site for havoc with new music downloads.

 >> http://tatar.kosmoplovci.net
    new site for tatar with new music downloads.

 >> http://www.kosmoplovci.com/transmissions/
    radio   transmissions   archive   contains   first  six
    transmissions  broadcasted on skc radio in december and
    january  5002.   all of them are available as realaudio
    stream and realaudio download.


    electric striper exclusives::
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/3za100popucali.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/art.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/drinanamoravu.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/hardcorelegacy.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/kdesgraz.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/kosmobrod.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/kumovkolac.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/marsovskooro.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/putukosmosu.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/smrt4.html
 >> http://striper.kosmoplovci.net/vektori.html

    pre-striper releases::
 >> http://opacic.kosmoplovci.net/indexkosmotron.html
    kosmotron  /  intimna  masina  online  movie  featuring
    graphics   by   procesor  opacic,  music  by  kdes  and
    animation  by  dominator.   also available for download
    and offline viewing at:
    >> http://opacic.kosmoplovci.net/kosmotron.zip

 >> http://opacic.kosmoplovci.net/intervali/
    procesorovi intervali [procesor's intervals]
    new series of experimental short comics.
    released weekly, every saturday.

 >> http://studiostrip.kosmoplovci.net/kooiremont5002.html
    kooiremont5002 catalogue, online version.
    print  version  is  still  available  for  purchase  at
    beopolis   bookstore  or  directly  from  us  for  only

 >> http://studiostrip.kosmoplovci.net/zurka/
    zurka kod 10 malih kosmoplovaca
    [party at the 10 little kosmoplovci place]

 >> http://studiostrip.kosmoplovci.net/pazizecujeda.html
    pazi zec ujeda [watchout, rabbit bites]
    special full color online release of rashid's comic.

 >> http://studiostrip.kosmoplovci.net/k1.html
    k1 fanzine. online full color version.


 >> http://floatingjoint.kosmoplovci.net
    as   previously  noted,  floating  joint  now  replaces
    corrosion music.

 >> http://dominator.kosmoplovci.net/legacyindex.html
    hardcore  legacy  is a new dominator's full lp release.
    it  is  a  collection  of his beat-based music from his
    soundstudio  period  1996-1999, in hardcore, breakbeat,
    drum'n'bass,  jungle  and  experimental styles.  online
    release  offer  module  downloads [med file format] and
    mp3 downloads [128kbps].
    special  limited edition cd print is also available for
    order at mailto:corrosion@crsn.com and soon at beopolis

 >> http://floatingjoint.kosmoplovci.net/nowhereissafe.html
    nowhereissafe ep brings out 4 new tracks from havoc and
    speaker for the dead. mp3 downloads available at site.

 >> http://tatar.kosmoplovci.net/eep/
    2 track ep from tatar. mp3 downloads available at site.


 >> http://kdesgrazvideo.kosmoplovci.com
    video for kdes project, made to part of music
    performed live in graz in october5002.
    divx avi download [45MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/kdesgrazvideo.avi

 >> http://kumovkolac.kosmoplovci.com
    kumov kolac
    divx avi download [5.4MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/kumovkolac.avi

 >> http://sporovoz.kosmoplovci.com
    pc demo release at scene strike 6
    zip download [5.4MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/corrosion-sporovoz.zip

 >> http://plavidzihad.kosmoplovci.com
    plavi dzihad
    satellite station remix.
    divx avi download [7.4MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/plavidzihad.avi

 >> http://delete.kosmoplovci.com
    kosmoplovci delete batman
    video released for lo-tek kings music project
    divx avi download [19MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/delete.avi

 >> http://demon.kosmoplovci.com
    amiga demo release at scene strike 5. divx rerelease.
    lha download [424KB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/bra-demon.lha
    divx avi download [16.7MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/demon.avi

 >> http://pragnje.kosmoplovci.com
    cartoon like coproduction with belgrade open school.
    mpeg video download [11.6MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/pragnje.mpg

 >> http://project42.kosmoplovci.com
    amiga demo release at vep99. divx rerelease.
    lha download [277KB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/crs-p42.lha
    divx avi download [16MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/project42.avi

 >> http://hypno.kosmoplovci.com
    amiga demo release at vep. divx rerelease.
    lha download [177KB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/crs-hypno.lha
    divx avi download [25MB]
    >> http://www.crsn.com/files/video/hypno.avi

    if  you  are  seeing  this  message than you may try to
    contact us concerning Eoo3 kosmoplovci year celebration
    by emailing us at kosmoplovci@hotpop.com.

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