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SCENE STRIKE 1 is the title of the first serious demo party held in Yugoslavia. The party is organised by .CoRRoSioN. with several freelance volunteers such as myself, in association with EYAS, Cinema REX and radio B92. It is a one day/one night event that will take place in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as part of a larger project entitled Creative Tech Week. CTW is basically an exhibition where we will be displaying various computer related artforms to the general public. Most of this art is, of course, scene related, thus we decided to throw a party as part of the regular CTW schedule.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Merely a few days before SCENE STRIKE 1, another party will be held in Belgrade, entitled YALP (Yet Another Lame Party). This is quite unfortunate, since the two will clash a bit, and neither us, nor the organisers of YALP have any alternative dates for setting up the parties. However, this doesn't mean that we want to "kill" YALP. We would like to see both parties grow into a regular annual event. Since many Yugoslav groups have a timing problem in preparing double the ammount of compo-stuff, we are willing to accept as entries in our competitions artwork and demos that have been released at YALP. And yes, we will appear, probably just briefly, there, too. Oh, yes, and another thing: YALP is *NOT* the first demo party held in Yugoslavia. The very first party was "The Drunkening" held quite some time ago. For further info and releases from the Drunkening, contact any member of .CoRRoSioN.


SCENE STRIKE 1 will be held in Cinema Rex, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. The full address is:

Cinema REX,
Jevrejska ulica 16
11000 Beograd

For those of you who are from Belgrade, getting there is quite simple. Just get onto the tram number 2 going FROM the train station towards Dorcol. When you pass the zoo at your left, the tram will turn right and stop. From there on, just search for the "Jevrejska" street, it should be right across the street from you.

For people outside of Belgrade, who will be coming by car, the procedure is either to drive by the explanations above, or simply - BUY A MAP!

Those of you coming by bus or train should wait for tram number 2 in front of the railway station. Since the tram goes both ways (left and right) you should wait for it on the side of the station that is closer to the grill-stands. From there on, the tram will go for a while, until you see the "Kalemegdan" park on your right. From there on, follow the instructions above.

For foreigners it might be a bit complicated to reach, so those of you coming from abroad should either follow the instructions above, if you are self confident enough, or if not, contact us, and someone will be waiting for you at the station. Ways to contact us are described below.


SCENE STRIKE 1 will be held on May 30th, friday, starting at 12:00 or possibly slightly earlier, depending on how fast can we dissasemble the CTW setup and bring in the tables and all the necessary equipment for the party. It will last until saturday morning, where morning means any time before noon. The reason we stop then is because later that day, as part of CTW, we organise a big techno concert with several live acts from Yugoslavia, and therefore, we must prepare everything. However, don't worry if you don't have anywhere to go in the meantime - if you are a foreigner you will either be allowed to stick around with us or be given someone who will take you around town to kill time. :-)

IMPORTANT: Since we are a bit short on space (Cinema Rex can take approx 200 people and much less tables) we must ask you to reach us for reserving a table for your computer (if you intend to bring it along). There is also a possibility, that if the place gets overcrowded, we close it, and only those with a reservation will be allowed to enter. So, if you are coming, it is a *VERY* good idea to drop us a note saying who you are, and how many of you are coming.

The deadline for your entries is 18:00 hours, and the competitions will commence at 20:00, or if necessary, with a slight delay until the jury listens/looks at all the entries and selects an abbreviated list of entries for each category.


All entries will be played on one of our compo machines. If you have productions for some other computer, you will have to bring it along, but I am afraid that we will not have the proper category for your entry. The compo machines are:


Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1230/50/882/50
with 8MB of Fast RAM


Pentium 133
S3 Trio64V+ with 2MB
SVGA Graphic card with VESA 1.2 support
Sound Blaster AWE32 or Gravis Ultrasound

We will also have a video beam projector at our disposal, so all demos/intros/pictures will be displayed on the big screen, too. You entries MAY NOT DAMAGE ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT USED, or severe repercussions shall follow, both directly physical, and... well, to put it as simple as possible, we will beat the crap out of you there, and sue your ass off later.

If you are taking any kind of electronic equipment with you, you should bring your own power chords.

If we receive too many entries, a selected jury will listen/look at them all, and select a certain number of entries that will compete in the finals. For the graphics competitions, a special jury will examine all entries, and if they are found to have been scanned, traced, or created in any other, non allowed manner, they will be disqualified. Those who are disqualified have no right to protest, unless they brought several pictures of the unfinished phases of the painting to prove its authenticity.

The general jury is composed of the following people:

phuzzy l0gik/depthcharge
n0pe dope/pasmaters
marcus garvey/corrosion

The special gfx jury will be made up of:

n0pe dope/pasmaters


First and foremost, the entrance fee. The number that we are currently operating with is 15 yugoslav dinars. This is the equivalent of approximately 4DEM or $3. Anyone who pays the entrance fee, is allowed to compete. The same goes for voting - when you pay for the entrance, you will get a ticket with your data and a special registration number which, alltogether, will be your ID for voting.

All the money, and I do mean _ALL_ of it will be deposited in the fund for the prizes. We are not looking for profit here, we are looking for fun. If any changes are made to the entrance fee, you will all be notified in due time, but even then, you needn't worry, it cannot get much higher than it is, and you must admit, it's dirt cheap. Oh, yeah, another thing. Since we are a large sweaty group of terribly undersexed maniacs, girls don't have to pay. ;->

So, as I mentioned, the prizes will include money, which is collected through the entrance fee, and from potential sponsors. Other sponsors will donate prizes in the form of hardware/software, or the likes (CD's, etc.) so we hope that if nothing else, the prizes inspire you to make a contribution to our humble party. Although we still don't have any concrete information from the sponsors, I can tell you that working your butt off for a quality production will definitelly pay off ;-)

The details about how to turn in your entries will be explained on the spot, but it should be quite simple; just find any one of the organisers and we will save them onto the compo machines.

We will try (so don't hold your breath) to put up a billboard somewhere in the partyplace, where you will be able to pin up your add's and general messages (ae. we are looking for gfx/music/ascii artists, coders, etc.)


  1. AMIGA 64K INTRO - no further explanations necessary, I hope? You have to stick it into 64k, and it must be able to run on the compo machine. We will be quite ruthless, even if it is just 65k, it will not be allowed to compete in this cathegory, it will be moved to the demo section.

  2. AMIGA DEMO - all coded stuff that doesn't fit into 64k, music, gfx, code and all. Hell, you know what a demo is, so go for it. the demo may contain animations but they will have to be played from the demo code.

  3. PC 64K INTRO - the same restrictions apply as for the AMIGA 64K INTRO competition.

  4. PC DEMO - again, the same as the AMIGA DEMO competition.

    As we currently estimate, the competition in these (coded) cathegories will not be too big, if we feel that there aren't enough entries for separate compo's, we will merge the PC and AMIGA stuff, so there will be only two cathegories: 64K INTRO, and DEMO.

  5. 8BIT GRAPHICS - this competition is reserved for the hand-drawn pictures that use up to 256 colours. In other words, this competition could be called DPaint compo. As mentioned earlier, a team of experts will examine all the pictures and if they think that the picture was NOT done by hand, they will, of course, disqualify it. No complaints allowed. If you want to prove the originality of your artwork, you'll have to supply the team with some of the unfinished drawing phases.

    Allowed resolutions are 320x256, 320x512, 640x256 and 640x512, with variable overscan and a maximum of 256 colours. The pictures must be supplied in IFF-ILBM format and they will all be shown on the Amiga.

  6. 24BIT GRAPHICS - This is the so called 'photoshopping' competition. All pictures that are in any way put through some image processor or effect generator or anything similar are to compete in this category. The maximum resolution allowed is 800x600 with a 24bit colour palette. Accepted file formats are TIFF, TARGA, JPEG, IFF-ILBM 24bit. The pictures in this compo will be shown on the PC.

  7. RAYTRACE - No explanation necessary - all traced pictures go here.

  8. PROTRACKER MUSIC - As the name itself points out, this is the protracker 4channel competition. The only format allowed is MOD 4ch. The contributions will be played with HiPPOPLAYER from Amiga.

  9. MULTICHANNEL MUSIC - Our multichannel competition will be the first in the history of compos to allow OctaMED SoundStudio and DigiBooster multichannel music to compete along with the usual FT and S3M. The formats allowed are XM, S3M, IT, OCSS and DIGIBOOSTER. XM, S3M and IT will be played with Cubic Player from PC. We will accept other formats, too, but you will have to provide us with the specific player, which must be able to run on either of our compo machines. OCSS and DIGIBOOSTER will be played with HiPPOPLAYER from Amiga mixed at 44100 KHz

  10. ASCII/ANSI ART - This compo will feature all ASCII/ANSI pictures/logos made either on the Amiga or PC. If there are too many entries, the cathegories will be split, basicly, separating ASCII from ANSI. You will have to notify us which platform should be used for displaying you work. On PC, both ASCII and ANSI's will be loaded into TheDraw, using the standard 80*25 BIOS font, while on Amiga, ASCII's will be loaded into CED, and ANSI's will be loaded into ANSI-Draw using default topaz.font.



NOTE: ha magyarorszagbol irtok, es nem beszeltek ep legjobban angolul, irjatok phuzzy-nak, mivel ertek magyarul, es meg valaszolni is tudok... ;-)



00-24: +381-(0)22- 53-884
23-07: +381-(0)11-669-172
username: ss-entry
password: scenestrike
00-24: +381-(0)21-741-084


This text file is the product of the demented minds of phuzzy logik/depth charge and dominator/corrosion. Due credit for their help in developing this info goes to alex/crs^dch, paranoid/corrosion and marcus garvey/corrosion.

Text to HTML conversion by q/corrosion.

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