32 DANA POSLE [32 days after]
serbian electronic scene live in BELGRADE YOUTH CENTER's CLUB

the concert started at 23:30 with the small ambient intro made by espiritu and domin8r live, and then continued with the breakbeat/jazzy/triphop/acid set of 4tune. the gathered people [between 50 and 100] were slowly getting into the atmosphere when lo-tek kings came and burned the floor ;)) unlike 4tune's easyness and controlled music, lo-tek kings set was furios acid/breakbeat/electronic/dnb/step energy injection with completelly spontaneous occasional live rapping done by asarhad. it was really good to be there and release [and recieve] all this energy. it was hard but it was deep. very deep. and what is most interesting, people liked it, and we liked it too - although we never practised this kind of computer/live mixup, it was perfect.

the concert continued with guys from c0dex [phase & toxic] putting some of their very deep darkstep/hardstep dnb music, so we continued to jump around and have a nice party. the next on stage was the guy who simply calls himself jovan [a.k.a. jocko] who is making some really weird electronically influnced triphop. the mindflow was continued by kkptsai who played only 3-4 electronic/breakbeat tracks because we had to finish soon. the 15minute long outro was again done by espiritu with yet another domin8r's small ambient assistance. our electronic music project, simply called corrosion was skipped in order to leave room for others, and concert finished at 2:30... at that moment, only some 40-50 people were there, and the ruthless bastards from the club just decided to cut it off and go home to watch the football game or something...

anyway, the concert was nice, and we are personally happy because our pretty ruff and hardcore ltk project has good feedback. it might mean that people here are still not completelly dead, and that they might even wake up from their awake sleeping called everyday life.

asarhad's live reggae/dub/hardcore group, los perdidos, had their first concert on the june 21st, and it also passed ok.

so much of it for now. stay tuned for the next event.